2.3 The Types of Magic Cube’s Tokenized Assets
Theoretically, almost all things in the world, from traditional assets such as bonds, commodities, venture capital funds and real estate to exotic assets such as art, horse racing, sports teams, celebrities are “tokenizable” , and and companies around the world are using blockchain technology to realize their vision of a tokenized world.
Major tokenized assets on Magic Cube platform
  • - Traditional abstract assets: this category covers most investment assets such as stocks, bonds, investment funds, derivatives, etc.
  • - Traditional physical assets: This category covers commodities including as real estate, precious metals, famous paintings and a long string of non-liquidity assets.
  • - Crypto virtual assets: This would include each of the major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, cryptocurrencies with significant potential value of application, and crypto derivatives, etc.
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