Never whole again, are we? Still, life goes on, and here we stand.
—— Crouch
Our goal is to build a new disruptive ecology of decentralized finance. What we present above for you "magicians" is the first ecology we will develop when we complete building the Magic Power Community, a system that mainly takes the real assets reflecting and minting as the main function.
Innovation is the most important and valuable invention in the development of human society, so currently we will make certain reservations in the openness of the project”s roadmap.
This is an ambitious blueprint that will incorporate and even go beyond almost all the features of decentralized finance (DeFi). After our development into the assets minting ecosystem, we will describe the specific plans for this ecosystem and reveal some information about the next innovative ecology.
Step by step, and down to earth, let’s collaborate to create a new financial era that belongs to all of us, with the “Power of Magic”.
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