3.1 Meme+DAO Based Community Governance
It is a quest for freedom and democracy that drive us to launch this Magic Power Community.
We share a common belief in breaking through the cages of history and using our powerful Magic Power to decentralize, tokenize, and democratize the world of finance, which is our common ideal.
In this decentralized governance mechanism, we adopt the DAO (Decentralized Automatic Organization) governance model to govern the community in a 100% decentralized form. Here it’s not control by any hierarchical central authority. Instead, our community members govern the community by voting and our activities are executed automatically on the open source blockchain protocol.
MGP, the value carrier of the magic community, is circulating, democratic, and unique, and the Magic Cube ecology opened up by it covers almost all features of DeFi the field . So we are very confident that MGP will outperform and surpass any Meme token in history.
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