The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great cation.
Human society is undergoing a dramatic digital financial transformation. And our mission is to democratize human wealth with the most advanced blockchain technology.
"The whole train symbolizes the human society. And the carriages, from the end to the head, represents the different classes in human society. The dark and dirty rear of the train is home to the lowest class, who live on protein blocks made of cockroaches and suffer from the bullying and oppression of the upper class rulers. The middle carriage is the more intellectual and moderate middle class, while the front carriage is the decadent and extravagant ruling class. Wilford, at the head of the train, is the totalitarian ruler. He controls the engine that drives the train forward, and therefore, he controls everything. All classes in the train experience brainwashing education by the totalitarian ruler, and they worship him like a god. Except, of course, for the suffering underclass."
At the end of the film, Wilford's words, "To celebrate 18 years of operation, let's leave 18 people behind," undoubtedly showing that in the eyes of the rulers, the lives of the lower class, is just a number!
Human society relies on private ownership based on human selfishness to drive development. The nature of exploitation and being exploited in human society has never changed, but may become more hidden or take more diverse forms. Global wealth and destiny has always been in the hands of a very few powerful people, and ordinary people has always been suppressed and exploited by a centralized private system.
Blockchain's unique features of decentralization, transparency, and fairness can solve the structural problems of centralized systems. However, these advantages can also lead to opposition from vested interests, because greater transparency through decentralization threatens the centralization. This is why I believe that the biggest obstacle to the development of blockchain is not "technical limitations" but "centralized structure”.
However, traditional assets that are outside the blockchain have yet to be migrated to the space of public blockchain which is transparent, censorship-resistant and globally accessible. Geographic barriers, high transaction costs and liquidity restrictions make it difficult for the average person to make small investments in assets such as worldwide stocks and real estate. Asset tokenization has the potential to break down the current financial structure by reflecting traditional assets to blockchain, making these assets accessible for users around the world with the features of infinite divisibility and low transaction costs.
With these ideas in mind, we propose Magic Cube, a decentralized protocol that allows anyone to issue and trade synthetic assets with the prices trackable. We intend to change the way value is delivered for human society by applying the powerful "magic power" of blockchain's token economy and the power of the community, allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to access assets of all shapes and forms, hence to realize the value of demarcation in financial investment.
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